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[Emeral] jefferymonfort aEmeraldVanillaBuilderVoter posted Jul 20, 14
Ok so I think I have our main 4 servers fixed to give players the Best rank on the server for free. The following 4 servers should now be in compliance with the Mojang EULA. Factions: you get voter rank at 10 votes a day, but Pimp at 20 votes! Skywarz (1)... not Skywarz2... You can now get Sky10 at only 10 votes and SkyGod at 20! Creative: You get Builder at 20 votes. And Kit-Pvp you get /kit gangsta at 10 votes now and /kit king at 20 :) Now I will be removing some Items by August 1st from all of the CraftPimp stores to also set CraftPimp in compliance with the Mojang EULA and hopefully be a trailblazer of how we can adhere to the rules and thrive! I will get the other servers up to date with the EULA in the next few days, -Jeff
***7/21/2014 Update: I have made the rank Vlord, which is equivilant to Lord_Almighty in skyblock. You get the rank free daily for voting 20 times! I will keep an eye on it and make sure all settings are proper.
jatt9878 ADD /ma j AT FACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please! ...
[Gangst] BellaKellas GangstaTier1VanillaBuilder hey whys the server down
jatt9878 is the server down>??!


[Emeral] jefferymonfort aEmeraldVanillaBuilderVoter posted Jun 5, 14
Use coupon SUMMER at checkout and get 30% off EVERYTHING ON EVERY SERVER!!
Thank everyone for being so supportive of CraftPimp!!!! And thank you Jscars for being the first to use the coupon!! YOU ALL ROCK!
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