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jefferymonfort a posted 7 hours ago
Firstly factions deleted everyone's inventory and enderchest when i tried to update to the new Craftbukkit. I dont know what to do about it. I would like to know what the faction players think about a factions restart next week. Please let me know as a comment to this post if you do want or don't want a restart.

Voters: some of you did vote today but are not registered with the website, meaning you voted with /vote before I did maintenance to the server today. EVERYONE must register with the website and add their minecraft character and vote from the website now. 

I will add more as I can, I have been working non stop since this morning and feel terrible about the glitch in Factions and really dont know what to do about it. PLEASE let me know guys If you just want me to work the next 4-5 days on restarting factions from scratch with just peoples ranks, no mcmmo, nothing in /chest etc... Thanks so much for your patience everyone! 
[DVZ] GHG00 DVZVanillaVoter reset the server
[TrialM] Mr_ButteryButter Bedrock an early reset would be beautiful and thnx for spending time on upgrading the server
[Guest] Aronic4sho Guest reset= Wipe in Dungeon Realms Welp I played Dungeon Realms It sucks as shit. There isn't even a faction! And you don't c ...
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[Gangst] Brayden5234 GangstaDVZVanilla why am i not Builder! Whats going on!
[Nilla] darklifedude VanillaVoterVdwarf and not voter*
[Nilla] darklifedude VanillaVoterVdwarf and sky10?
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