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jefferymonfort a posted Fri at 7:35
Everyone gets /kit op every 12 hours until factions gets reset!!
[TrialM] Mr_ButteryButter Bedrock boz the reset will take away eveything except for ranks and store bought kits
[Guest] BozBoy55 Guest Also tell use how was your move?
[Guest] BozBoy55 Guest What will we lose in the server reset? Please tell me everything we will lose.
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[Guest] brainian Guest I have voted 23 times yet I can't use /kit sky10 could someone please tell me why I can't use it.
[Guest] darklifedude Guest ˆµ ©¨´ß† å˜∂ √∂å∑®ƒ÷ [im guest and voter?
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