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Cost $250,
THIS IS A PERMANENT RANK (not a subscription)!
Pimp rank on Factions
Builder rank on Creative
SkyGOD on Skywars and Skywars2
King rank on KitPvP
Lord_Almighty on SkyBlock
President rank on Vanilla
and top ranks on any new server that we open up in the future!!

Your tag will be boss but you get ALL kits and perms that these ranks come with!

The Boss rank is for sale in the Factions store, or just click this link to access it!

Merry Christmas from CraftPimp!
[Mod] Thanash000 BedrockVIPVanillaBuilder Theshocker204 , to get unbanned purchase an unbann with 10$.
[Guest] Theshocker204 GuestBuilder Hello Jeff can you unban me and make me perm builder I was before then I got banned so please and also your server is am ...
[Guest] Wondercio Guest for some reason i didnt get my voter rank even though i voted 19 time's. i got my knight rank on kit pvp and my prot 3 s ...
24 / 100
Today's Record: 24 players (Just now)
Monthly Record: 33 players (Nov 29, 14)
Online ~SkyBlock~
7 / 200
Today's Record: 15 players (32 mins ago)
Monthly Record: 22 players (Dec 8, 14)
Online ~Vanilla~
2 / 100
Today's Record: 9 players (24 hours ago)
Monthly Record: 15 players (Dec 10, 14)
Online ~Kit-PvP~
0 / 200
Today's Record: 19 players (24 hours ago)
Monthly Record: 19 players (24 hours ago)
Online ~Factions~
18 / 75
Today's Record: 34 players (Just now)
Monthly Record: 75 players (Nov 30, 14)
Online ~SkyWars~
21 / 75
Today's Record: 54 players (2 hours ago)
Monthly Record: 58 players (Nov 28, 14)
Online ~SkyWarz 2~
9 / 75
Today's Record: 43 players (24 hours ago)
Monthly Record: 43 players (Dec 13, 14)
0 / 300
Monthly Record: 3 players (Dec 2, 14)
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