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I have been helping Jeff with Craft Pimp behind the scenes since before its creation several years ago, it makes me sad to see the server go.

Jeff has agreed to letting me copy over player data to my server to keep his dedicated players happy, and to keep the sprit of the server going.

I welcome you to join

The creative server, skyblock, and skywars servers will be transfered over later tonight. Ranks and player data will remain the same as it was on Craft Pimp.

(skyblock, creative, and skywars2 is copied over) /server cpskyblock  /server cpcreative and /server cpskywars2

I am working out how to intergrate some of CraftPimps player ranks into WickedCraft's system.

I have told my staff to be leanient on enforcing some of our rules.

I join the server point your client over to

To welcome CraftPimps Players I have started a discount coupon code "pimp" where you can get a 20% discount off any rank on WickedCraft.

If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them on our forums. I want everyone to feel like home on WickedCraft.

General FAQ about the server move.

I am still recovering from wisdom teeth removal, so I may be loopy at times durring this process.

[PIMP] Sam_Cow PIMPUTuberVanilla Or haxtor could move Wickedcraft over to craftpimp? I am joining wickedcraft anyway, it would just be wayy easier to ge ...
ChickenCrafter13 BOSS I very much hope I can keep my BOSS rank like DelijeG7 said, it would mean the world to me. I went on wickedcraft this m ...
[KING] DelijeG7 BOSS Some people had BOSS rank including me , which means top rank in every craftpimp server. Do we still get that feature in ...

Sorry to say, CraftPimp has now come to an end. I trusted a family member and he ultimately used CraftPimp to get people over to another server, and he used his powers to destroy the Factions server, turning everything to TNT. I have always paid all the bills for CraftPimp through good times and bad, but I am at a loss for this episode. I wish all of you the best and hope you find somewhere as comfortable as CraftPimp to play. Take care everyone, and good luck. It was a real joy meeting all of you and being a good part of your lives. -Jeff

[Guest] Blackboy123497 Guest good serv tho had fun this is why u dont ban butter XD (jk)
[PIMP] _aFF aPIMPSkillzGOD It was a nice run while it lasted. I don't think any other server will ever top the drop or rank parties. Too bad some ...
Kamuy1337 Nuuuuu! this is sad! :(
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